We are experts in accounting and taxes. We process a complete accounting and tax agenda from the smallest entrepreneurs to companies with several hundred employees.

Business accounting

We also supervise the accounting of companies, help with financial statements and process all types of tax returns. It should be primarily an administrative activity, and therefore the accuracy and reliability are the foundation of our work.

We have rich background with many years of experience in this field and so we provide much more value for you. We defend your interests at every step, because we know how the Czech accounting and tax system works.

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Your tax advisor

I will process all types of tax returns, including possible control of accounting and documents.

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years of experience in accounting

Our experience is rich, our work is accurate.


types of employee benefits

There are more than 10 types of employee benefits that can be effectively used to your advantage to save taxes or social and health insurance. Are you taking advantage of all of these? If not, we can advise you to use all of these to your maximium advantage


years of experience in taxes

Our tax advisor Ing. Libor Bryša has been defending the interests of clients since 1994.

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