AZCON11 Brno s.r.o.

21 years of experience in accounting and taxes. Česky

We know accounting and taxes. We understand the system.

We know the tax offices. We know how to protect your interest.

We're here to help you.

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Price list


Monthly feefrom 1000 Kč
Accounting itemfrom 15 Kč

Simplified accounting

Monthly feefrom 500 Kč
Accounting itemfrom 10 Kč


Complete payroll agendafrom 150 Kč / employee


Accounting consultingfrom 400 Kč / hour
Tax consultingfrom 800 Kč / hour
Postponement of tax returnfrom 6 000 Kč
Ordinary consulting for a clientfree

Tax returns

Natural person income taxfrom 1000 Kč
Employee income tax1 000 Kč
Corporation income taxfrom 2000 Kč
Value added taxfrom 500 Kč
Summary reportfrom 500 Kč
Road taxfrom 500 Kč
Real estate taxfrom 1000 Kč
Real estate transfer taxfrom 1000 Kč


Report for ČSÚfrom 1000 Kč
INTRASTAT reportfrom 1000 Kč
EKO-KOM packaging reportfrom 1000 Kč