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AZCON11 Brno s.r.o. – Taxes and accounting

We're experts in accounting and taxes. We process the complete accounting and tax agenda for the smallest businesses up to corporations with hundereds of employees. We also supervise accounting of firms, help with closing the books and process all types of tax returns. This is an administrative activity, so precision, dependability and a system of checks are a must. We have rich and long experience in this area so that we can provide you more. We protect your interests in every step because we know how the Czech accounting and tax system works.

Practice areas


Accounting is the foundation for all the work that follows, it forms the deciding background for determining the tax base. It must closely show the state of assets and liabilities. For most of our clients it is an administrative activity and a necessary evil. However we know that same situations can be sorted out in a different ways from the accounting point of view and thanks to our experience we will find the most suitable and effective solution just for you. Efficiency of this solution will be measured by it's administrative (non)intensity and by an optimally determined tax base.

We have lots of experience with keeping the books of both small and big companies in many industries. And also with preparation of these books for audits carried out by the biggest international auditing firms. Do you know why an auditor and a tax consultant rarely agree on the tax base?


More than 10 kinds of employee benefits can be effectively used to your profit for saving on taxes or social and health insurance. Above that we will accurately and on time make calculations of your payrolls and all the tax payments, send the statements and represent you in dealing with the tax authorities.


We don't know everything right away, but we will find the best answer for you. We will facilitate our rich experience or make up an original solution. Our tax consultant Ing. Libor Bryša protects the interests of our client this way since 1994. Knock on wood, the success rate of our tax returns on the tax office is oustanding. It's quite simple. One must just determine the surely good, surely bad and finally the optimal solution...

We will process all types of tax returns including an eventual inspection of the books. We will ensure the posponement of your tax return till the end of June. We will represent you before the tax authorities.

Our experts

  • Ing. Libor Bryša

    Tax consultant since 1994.
    Referee in bankruptcy.
    Author of articles.
    Firm owner.
    Tel. +420603443196
  • Marie Kleskeňová

    Accountant since 1973
    In the firm since 1996
    Expert on payrolls and insurance of businesses.
    Lecturer in the Accountant society.
    Tel. 774742691
  • Jana Bilíčková

    Accountant since 1977
    In the firm since 2000
    Tel. 774742692
  • Marie Patáková

    Accountant since 1979
    In the firm since 2004
    Tel. 774742693
  • Lucie Jurečková

    Accountant since 1996
    In the firm since 1996
    Tel. 774742694
  • Ivana Zvolánková

    Accountant since 1991
    In the firm since 2004
    Tel. 774742694
  • Ing. Veronika Pešinová

    Accountant since 2005
    In the firm since 2005
    Tel. 774742694
  • Pavlína Kopečná

    Accountant since 2007
    In the firm since 2007
    Expert on payrolls
    Tel. 774742691

Examples of our work

Accounting for natural persons

Business area no. of epmloyees Owner
Private health centre 4 Czech Rep.
Natural person in bankruptcy 0 Czech Rep.
Used car dealer 1 Czech Rep.
Insurance consultant 0 Czech Rep.
Restaurant 2 Czech Rep.
Attorney, VAT payer 5 Czech Rep.
Professional sportsman 0 Czech Rep.
Locksmith 1 Czech Rep.
Electrical engineer 1 Czech Rep.
Machine shop 1 Czech Rep.
Expert witness 0 Czech Rep.
Trader 1 Czech Rep.
Car rental 0 Czech Rep.
Finacial leasing provider 1 Czech Rep.
Electronics retailer 30 Czech Rep.

Accounting and payrolls

Business area no. of epmloyees Owner
Designer office 10 Czech Rep.
Oriental good wholesale 10 India
Fruit plant 50 The Netherlands
Precise machinery 80 Switzerland
Steel profile wholesale 5 Denmark
Used car dealer 5 Czech Rep.
Architect's office 3 Czech Rep.
Developer 3 Czech Rep., Switzerland
Welded parts manufacturer 15 The Netherlands
Haulage contractor 30 The Netherlands
Construction company 3 Czech Rep.
Packaging 3 Austria, Switzerland
Chemicals wholesale 5 Slovakia
Non-profit org. with economic activity 3 The Netherlands
Real estate 3 Czech Rep.
Real estate firm in ownership of an open shares fund 5 Czech Rep.
Machine shop 2 Czech Rep.
Private health centre 5 Czech Rep.
Chamber of commerce 5 The Netherlands
Human resources company 500 Spain
Travel company 2 Czech Rep.
Firm in bankruptcy 0 Czech Rep.
Firm in liquidation 0 Czech Rep.

Consulting, tax return processing

Business area no. of epmloyees Owner
Advertisment agency 10 Czech Rep.
Agricultural plant 40 Czech Rep.
Sanitary goods wholesale 2 Czech Rep.
Stocks broker 5 Czech Rep.,Panama
Forwarding agency 15 Austria
Construction company 40 Czech Rep.
Paper wholesale 10 Czech Rep.
Czech firm with offices in Slovakia 25 Czech Rep.
Slovak firm with Czech VAT 10 Slovakia
Metal wholesale 5 Czech Rep.
Foreigner renting real estate in Czech Rep. 0 Czech Rep.
Czech citizen with foreign income 0 Czech Rep.
Photovoltaic power station 0 Czech Rep.
Graphic designer 0 Czech Rep.
Liquidator 0 Czech Rep.
Attorney 2 Czech Rep.
Referee in bankruptcy 1 Czech Rep.
Judge and literature author 0 Czech Rep.

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